Ingredient: chickpea flour

I always get so excited to share a recipe with you guys because I honestly only share the reeeally good ones! The ones I can’t stop making and think everyone needs to try! This one is no exception. Egg. free. omelettes. VEGAN OMELETTE! Whaaat?

I’ve had an up and down relationship with eggs since becoming vegan 7 1/2 years ago. At first I was fine being around them (my husband has always eaten them) but didn’t crave them myself.

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Ah, so excited to share this recipe with you guys!! It’s seriously a new favourite of mine (and my husband’s and my son’s!).

Fist of all, I love to bake and cookies are for sure a favourite! I grew up baking with my mom and sisters so there’s something SO comforting about it to me!  Of course, as a health-conscious person I can’t be eating sugary cookies all day every day but a treat now and then?

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