Finally, a wellness program that fits into your schedule, where there's no rush to "finish" and you can take it anywhere!

This program will guide you to build the foundation of your healthy lifestyle so that you can make life-long changes, have positive relationships with food and your body and learn what really works for you.


Inside the program...

7 modules with video, audios, handouts, workbooks and more!

Pre-module: Goal setting + intentions.
Module 1: Nourishment - How to read a food label + ingredients, nutrient density vs calorie counting and listening to your body.
Module 2: Self care - Why you need to be a priority and what self care is and is not.
Module 3: Movement - Finding what you enjoy, exercising with love and what I've learned.
Module 4: Self love - Building a relationship with yourself, acceptance and how we speak to ourselves.
Module 5: Healthy habits - Creating a morning routine, sleep and creating a habit.
Module 6: Mindset - Law of attraction, gratitude and fear.
Bonus Module: Special guest experts!!

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Girl, I know you're busy. I get it. Creating a healthy lifestyle is something you have to do at your own pace.

You'll receive lifetime access to this program so you can not only complete it as slowly or quickly as you'd like but you can come back to it any time!

Special Guest Experts

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Tatiana Amico
I empower women to break free of fears, guilt, and limiting beliefs that are holding them back, truly own who they are, and become the unstoppable woman they are meant to be.
I work with women who are sick of waiting, hoping and wishing, and instead, are ready to make themselves a priority, take control of their health and lives.


Melissa Berg
Melissa Berg Wellness
I’m a school psychologist, wellness advocate and success coach with a passion for empowering stressed, over scheduled women who are trying to seek balance through creating a lifelong healthy lifestyle. My mission is to create inspired connections with women by facilitating inclusive retreats and adventures to build community, share resources, and foster mind, body, and spiritual growth.


Louise Cartwright-Orr
I teach women how to create the life they crave to achieve ultimate success in life and business

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Jo-Ann Brine
Transformational Health Coach and Emotional Eating Expert.


Christina Beckett
Sleek & Sassy Nutrition

Christina is a health and nutrition coach focusing on the individual and unique needs to people who have undergone bariatric surgery. "Our diets need to be high protein, but I try to focus on still keeping this HEALTHY and NOURISHING!"


Shannon Querantino
Clover Leaf Health

Shannon is a health coach and juice chemist who helps people simplify their approach to nutrition, movement, and mindset through juicing and self love.


Meagan Saum
Women Inspiriter & Resilience Coach
I am the owner of Silver Valley Wellness Ranch. I have a women's empowerment program as well as Facebook group called Women Unbridled.



Nadine Baker
Savvy cents organization coaching for entrepreneurs
(FB group)
So I guess you can say I'm a bit of a WHIZ with budgeting and sniffing out deals to save money. I've specialized my business in helping SMALL BUSINESS owners run an organized AND profitable business. I help make sure that your dollars are making cents (lol), all while streamlining your operations and processes in order to help save you money, while making sure they can maintain their focus on their business-their passion.

Lacy Laubacher
Online yoga + health studio/pop up classes
I connect people to their bodies via yoga to create transformation in a way that works for them.

Lindsay Hack

Lindsay is a certified Health and Fitness Lifestyle Coach, motivating others with her high energy and positive attitude since 2002. She holds a variety of certifications, diplomas, and degrees which all have contributed to her successful coaching career. Besides being educated and experienced, she practices what she preaches, competes in triathlon, running, and other sporting events, and is a community player working with local charities in her area.


Euphoric Epiphany
Euphoric Epiphany

I'm a sexual wellness coach for moms who find sex as another chore on their never ending to do list. From growing our knowledge, increasing our confidence, and improving our communication I can turn chore into adore and bring the mm factor back into your marriage.


Sheri Williams
Sheri Williams Coaching

Sheri is a health and food coach showing women how to gain energy, confidence and feel like you can't stop smiling by eating simple, minimal ingredient foods.

I say no to dieting.
No to deprivation.
No to "you HAVE to eat this" or "you can NEVER eat that".
Yes to whole foods.
Yes to doing all things from a place of love.
Yes to putting yourself first.

You are worthy of wellness.
You deserve to be healthy and happy.

I have struggled for years to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sophie helped me lay out a solid plan how to obtain a healthy lifestyle and continue a healthy way of life. I first started with one-to-one and was able to get a good foundation and self awareness to where my healthy lifestyle lacked and was strong. I also participated in Finding Your Balance group program. The modules and group support was able to further my knowledge and drive. I have lowered my cholesterol, lost weight, and gained a ton of energy and focused drive from the knowledge, support and understanding Sophie has aided me.   I can't wait to see how far I can go with my ongoing healthy lifestyle! 5 stars to Sophie and lifting lettuce! Nicole J.

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