Feminine Connection Course

Feminine Connection Course (2)

Do you know how foods affect your hormones?
Are you living in a state of constant stress and overwhelm?
Do you dread your period and wish there was a better way to get through it?
Are you sick of feeling bloated, exhausted and out of touch with your body?
Do you find yourself picking yourself apart in the mirror?

The Feminine Connection Course is designed to get you back in touch with your body.

We don't live in a society that focuses on educating women about their body's. Instead, we're constantly told we aren't good enough or that something is wrong with us or to slap a bandaid on it.

We are so out of touch with what is actually going on in our body's and how we should be eating, moving and TALKING to ourselves.

What do you REALLY know about menstruating? What about eating intuitively (or do you think you HAVE to eat how other people eat?)? Have you heard of adrenal fatigue (most moms suffer from it at some point)? Do you know how to balance your hormones so you don't feel so burnt out?

Hey mama!  I'm Sophie.

I'm a mom of two toddlers, a military wife and a wellness coach who helps moms learn how to nourish + love their body's so they can feel confident in the clothes they want to wear.

I created Feminine Connection Course because I want women to feel connected to their body's and that means understanding how they work and what you can do to feel your best.

Girl, I used to be at total odds with my body.  Like, it was enemy #1.  I would cry over what I saw in the mirror, change my outfits a hundred times, count calories so I could eat less, exercise to try and burn off what little I did eat and DREADED my period every month.

I didn't understand my feminine body at all.  I didn't know my menstrual phases and just how much they affect how we feel and show up every single day!  I didn't realize that certain ingredients could negatively affect my hormones, energy levels and skin.  I thought having awful period cramps was normal and something I just had to live with!  I believed weight loss was the solution to all of my problems!  I convinced myself I couldn't wear all of the cute outfits I wanted to because of my size and shape.

I wish I'd had a program like FCC back then. It would have really opened my eyes and changed so much- like, hello! I would have realized my body was AMAZING and worthy of love and respect exactly the way it was.

I'm a certified wellness coach and I specialize in escaping diet culture so you can eat and move intuitively as well as healing your body on the inside so you can LOVE what you see on the outside!

This course will help navigate you through the trenches (aka being a woman in today's weight-obsessed society) so you can get on the path of self love + respect.  Please, don't do what I did and try to do it all alone.  We are in this TOGETHER.  Let me use my knowledge, tools and expertise to support and guide you.


Why should you join my Feminine Connection Course? 👇🏻

🌘 Because you should be able to list the four phases of your menstrual cycle and know what each one means for you.

🌺 Because you deserve to feel sexy and confident in your skin no matter your age, size, shape or weight.

🌮 Because in 2019 you are NOT GOING TO COUNT CALORIES. Eff that.

💅🏻 Because those toxic products you put on and in your body every day are doing you zero favours; let's find some better options.

🤒 Because chances are your hormones are imbalanced and it's causing you to feel tired, to over eat, to store fat and your skin to break out.

👧🏻 Because you want to be a role model for your children and to show them how powerful women really are, especially ones who are in touch with themselves and who embrace who they are and what they see in the mirror.

👣 Because you need support and guidance to help you make lasting changes to your health.

🧚🏼‍♀️ Because every woman should feel connected to her body in a positive, loving way.

What is fcc_

FCC is a 4 week online course that covers Hormones, Menstrual Cycle, Toxic Products and Self Love.

Each week you will log into the membership site to access ebooks stuffed full of knowledge, action steps, product recommendations and more. These ebook are yours to keep so you can reference them any time! I've included audios, printables and other forms of learning as well.

You can check into the FB group at any time to ask questions, get support from other members, find recipes and links and to watch my Live Video Lessons. This is the place to CONNECT to others! Learn, support, and motivate one another.

I check in with you every week through email and daily in the FB group- hello accountability!  This is NOT going to be a course you sign up for and then just forget about.

I also offer a private video session with me at half price to all FCC clients so that you can get more personalized guidance and recommendations from myself.

FCC will help you...

Improve the relationship you have with your body by actually understanding what the heck is going on- what are hormones and how does what you eat affect them?

Learn how to create a wardrobe full of clothes you love + be able to wear them with CONFIDENCE

Discover how to eat in alignment with your menstruation cycle plus how to treat PMS woes.

Master intuitive eating; no more calorie or macro counting.

Make self care and self love an everyday thing. Learn how to treat yourself well inside and out.

Ditch the unnecessary toxic products. Find out what ingredients you should avoid and what to use instead. Create a skincare routine.

Balance your hormones + heal adrenal fatigue to gain energy & clarity. You can stop feeling like a zombie.


This course is going to give you back your power.

You're going to have the knowledge and the tools to know how to feel your best.
You're going to gain energy.
You're going to learn to love your body.
You're not going to count calories or be waiting for the next "right" diet.
You're not going to lather toxic products on your body any more.
You're going to learn which foods serve you and which do not.

How does that sound?

Next course runs June 1-28.

Your Investment

Use code threepayments to make three monthly payments of $55 each.


Join my Private Wellness Coaching + Feminine Connection Course and save $300!  Book a free discovery call with me to learn more.

Every week you get action steps (like homework!), recipes, product recommendations and affirmations.

WEEK 1 -Hormones -
Types of hormones
Eating for hormonal balance
Seed cycling
Balancing hormones  naturally
Birth control + hormones
and more!

WEEK 2 -Menstrual Cycle -
Menstrual cycle phases
Natural PMS remedies
Feminine care products
Cycle synching calendar
and more!

WEEK 3 -Self Love -
Intuitive eating
Body positivity
Creating a wardrobe you love
Audio recordings: gratitude, self acceptance, listening to your body, meditation, mindset

WEEK 4 -Toxins -
Liver support
Healing hormonal acne
Food sensitivities
Toxic ingredients
and more!



1 week of suggested meals for balancing hormones
A customized skincare routine for different skin types + your cycle phases

Re-connect to your feminine body- Feminine Connection Course