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It’s not a diet or a fad, it’s giving yourself the necessary knowledge and support so you can be a confident, EMPOWERED mama!

Empowered Mama opens every other month.

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An affordable membership program for the moms who want to be the best version of themselves and crave the necessary tools and guidance to improve their health and the health of their kids!

I’m ready!


Empowered Mama was created for all of you moms stuck at home with the kids, feeling like there’s never enough time in the day or enough coffee (energy) for you to actually make yourself and your health a priority.   It’s not like you aren’t trying- I know you are!  You try to choose healthier foods but let’s be honest, it’s really hard to know what the heck IS healthy these days with all of the conflicting info out there!  You probably have the best of intentions when it comes to exercise, like you’ve got the outfit on and shoes tied but suddenly your kid won’t nap or your husband has to work late and now exercising seems like a huge hassle.  You’ve tried different diets.  They all promised results but you were left feeling disappointed… frustrated… pissed off!  After all, if it works for other people why isn’t it working for you?  So yes, you are trying and mama, I applaud you for that!  What I want to do is offer my guidance, help simplify the process and truly let you discover what WORKS for YOU (not your neighbor or sister, YOU).

No one wants to cook four different dishes at dinner time just to try to appease everyone.  That’s not fun and I’m not going to ask you to do that.  There are better ways.  Seriously.  And self care? Self care sounds awesome but you have to know what actually fills your cup and you have to seriously make time for it… otherwise it’s just another health term that sounds nice but isn’t doing anything for you.  I’m sure you’ve counted calories, done the low fat or low carb thing, trying different pills and drinks but it didn’t get to where you wanted to be.  You were still tired, frustrated and honestly, you still weren’t happy with your body.  Look,  improving your health takes commitment, effort and a lot of personal desire- you have to not only want it but know WHY you want it. 

If you’re ready for that, keep on reading…

 Empowered Mama will…

take the guess work out of eating healthy. Not just for you but for the kids too… and the picky husband!
help you figure out what the heck a realistic, feel-good healthy lifestyle actually looks like for you because you are so over doing what everyone else seems to be doing and having it totally flop
connect you with other mama’s who freakin’ get it. They are balancing work and families, dealing with a kid who hates vegetables and another who only wants to eat cheese, taking extra long showers because it’s the only “quiet time” they get most days, and who are done with scale and calorie obsessing and wanting to love the body’s they’re in.
provide you with handouts, videos, special experts and more to help you focus on REAL HEALTH– the kind that is life long and doesn’t arrive in the mail every 30 days.
unlimited email access to me, a certified wellness coach who wants to add more LOVE into your life- love for whole foods, love for movement, love for YOU.
share with you with delicious, simple recipes that the whole family can enjoy so you aren’t stuck cooking multiple meals or relying on meals that come in a box (or a drive through!).  There’s even meal plans- hello time saver!

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You know that feeling you get when you open up a package of goodies from the mail? That’s how I feel when I login and open up Empowered Mama. Recipes, tutorials on how to save money, clothing – there is so much inside I love love love keeping it open on my computer to dive in when it’s my kids quiet time xo If you’re thinking about signing up – you won’t regret it ox – Megan L.

I’m Sophie Strout. I’m a mom, military wife, immigrant and I’m super passionate about taking moms from overwhelmed to confident when it comes to their health and the health of their family.  I spent years and years trying to change my body while coming from a place of hate and frustration only to years later realize how much better it feels (and how much easier it is) to do it from a place of LOVE instead.  I believe that true health comes from deep within and that it’s up to you to really discover it but you shouldn’t have to do it alone… You need people who are knowledgeable, there to guide and support you and who will help you stay focused on your goals! …That’s where I come in! 

Empowered Mama is a reminder that your kids are worth it, your health is worth it and YOU ARE WORTH IT so take the time to focus on all three and live your best (and healthiest) life yet.


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Inside the program…

Empowered Mama opens every OTHER month with brand new recipes, handouts and more!

As soon as you sign up you will receive:
*Empowered Mama recipe ebook
*Supplements 101 ebook
*Where to Get Your Nutrients ebook
*Self Care 101 ebook
*Access to the private FB community (weekly check ins, monthly challenge, guest expert etc)
*5 emails from me over the course of the next 6 weeks
*Bonuses from other experts: How to Save $20/week, Overcoming Emotional Eating, At Home Workout and more!

PLUS each month comes with brand new goodies that you can only get THAT month!


Empowered Mama membership includes:

– A new recipe ebook each month so you can become a baddass mofo in the kitchen who knows her way around a pot of quinoa
– 1 week meal plan and grocery list each month to save you time and money
– Private Facebook community of moms with zero bashing, judgment or any of that BS I don’t stand for
– Unlimited email access to me so I can answer questions like “wtf is flaxmeal and where can I find it?”
– Accountability + support (so KEY to making real changes)
– Themed handouts, articles and more to provide knowledge, guidance and all of that good stuff.
– so much more!


Will my membership auto-renew?
Nope. You sign up for 1 month and it’ll expire at the end of the month. You’ll still be able to access the program in the membership area but you won’t be into the Facebook group. If you want to re-join the next month, you can!
Do I need to be vegan like you to join?
Oh heck no girl! I do love my plants and you’ll find mainly plant based recipes but I work with ALL dietary preferences. I also make sure to include ways to swap animal products for plant products in my recipes.  No pressure to be vegan or anything like that, but we can all benefit from eating more plant based foods!
What if I live in a different country?
Well, that’s the beauty of the internet and online programs… you can do it from anywhere! As long as you have internet access, you’re set.
What do I need in order to do this program?
A little time, dedication and again, internet access. A Facebook account helps too. Oh and if you want to print things, a printer will also be helpful.
Will I lose weight doing this program?
Honestly, my goal isn’t to help you lose weight it is to help you fall in love with treating yourself well.  Can weightloss be a result of that? ABSOLUTELY.  You can always email me during the program if weight loss is a struggle for you but I will say that when people make their health a priority and start treating themselves a whole lot better, weight loss is often a result (if you really have weight to lose!).
Can I join if I’m not a mom?
Oh, of course! You’ll still LOVE and benefit from the recipes, workouts, FB community… um, everything!  It’s also great if you are trying to become a mom. 🙂
How long is the program?
1 month is what you’re committing to but there’s no limit to how long you can stay a member and there is a new theme every other month!
Did you say something about guest experts?
Yeah, I did! I love collaborating with other mom bosses and having them share their expertise with you.  There will be experts on everything from yoga to tidying up to juicing to style…   Anything and everything we mama’s tend to care about!