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April Recipes
April Meal Plan + Grocery list
Pregnancy Nutrition
Essential Oil Safety for Mamas
Exersizing While Pregnant


Favorite Products
Pregnancy: Exercise Ball, Naturalo Prenatal, Magnesium Oil (great for helping with sleep and restless legs), Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Molasses (natural source of iron), Mother's Balm, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea
Birth:  Pandora Steve Halpern station (I listened to this with both babies!), Tub, Damp cold cloth (for the back of your neck; feels amazing), Affirmations (find a few that really resonate with you), Coconut Water (electrolytes!), Popsicles (the only thing I ever want to eat while in labour)
Postpartum: Placenta (really helps with energy and mood), Protein Mix (protein smoothies are a life saver), Oatmeal (great for milk supply), Nursing Tanks (I wore these the first few months after having both of my babies), Herb Bath, Nursing Pads, Frozen Pads (a MUST)

Birth Affirmations