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Postpartum was definitely on my mind a lot more with my third pregnancy! I guess I just felt this need to be extra prepared. I learned a lot about hormones after the birth of my second child so I’m really using what I’ve learned to help me this time. Grab my free Postpartum Health Guide. I’ve put together most of my “postpartum kit” and thought I’d share what I’m including.

Most postpartum blog posts I see just tell you to buy Depends and nipple cream but I think us moms deserve more than that.

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Rowan Cole Strout was born July 25th at 10:47am, weighing 9lbs. It was my longest but easiest labour! You can read about Finnley’s birth here. Each birth of my children was different but all three were unmedicated and out of hospital.

snapped one last pic of my bump at 3am.

I woke up at 12:30am on a Thursday with what I recognized as a contraction. It was enough to wake me up but felt like pre-labour not active labour.

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You made that baby registry and got all ready for the new baby to arrive… but what about YOU? Postpartum can be tough! With each baby, I’ve realized I need to prepare more for those first few weeks after baby arrives… To make sure I’m really feeling taken care of and not totally depleted!

So I’m sharing you with my favourite resources to help you prepare for some postpartum self care!


Vegan-friendly Food subscriptions:
Purple Carrot
Revive Superfoods (save 55% with my link!)
Daily Harvest

Vegan Meals to freeze:
Baked oatmeal 

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The other day, I was online looking up different belly balms for pregnancy when I realized I should just make my own! I already owned everything listed below and had been meaning to use up the rest of the shea and cocoa butter for a while.

I love using a balm during pregnancy. It feels nourishing and pampering. The ingredients are very moisturizing, soothing and help with the appearance of lines and scars.

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I love a good non fiction book! I have a whole bookcase dedicated to them on topics ranging from vegan food to holistic health to skincare to parenting to mindset to essential oils!  I’ve always loved to read and it’s one of my favourite ways to gain new knowledge.

Here are five of my favourite books- ones that I find myself recommending to other moms all the time!

  1. WomanCode

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Okay, I know, some people are totally grossed out by the thought of keeping and consuming your placenta…  but I really do feel like it helps with recovery! With my first baby I had it encapsulated but with my second I consumed it raw in a smoothie where I couldn’t taste it at all! In fact, I found the encapsulated pills had a stronger taste.  I definitely “bounced back” energy-wise a lot faster after my second baby;

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I’ve put together this list of post natal exercises so that you can workout in a safe but effective way after having a baby!  It can be time consuming to scroll through YouTube or Google search for workouts so I’ve done the work for you!

I purchased this program from Good for the Swole and will be starting it… today! I think it’s a great intro back into exercise after having a baby.

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After I had my first baby, I did a series of “Body after baby” posts because I felt like post partum bodies weren’t being shown or talked about enough.  I didn’t know what to expect my body to look like (or feel like) post partum because people weren’t openly talking about their experiences!  Part of what I love to use this blog for, is to shed light on topics just like this…

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Our little girl, Finnley Raine made her arrival on Dec 2 at 3:25pm after just an hour of labour! She was born at home, on our bed, surrounded by my husband, mom and two midwives.  She’s 12 days old now and such a sweet sweet baby! Here is her birth story…  Oh, fair warning that it’s a bit graphic. I mean, birth IS graphic! I’m tired of it being glossed over and people having an unrealistic idea of what it looks like.

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Well, I’m almost 40 weeks pregnant and pretty much ready for baby to make her arrival!  With my first, I planned a birth center birth but this time around I knew I wanted a home birth.  I will say, preparing for a home birth has definitely been more work but I’m really excited about it and thought I’d share some tips on getting prepared!  Also, if you’re freaked out by the idea of a home birth maybe this will help calm you a bit  haha

With the birth center,

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