Postpartum was definitely on my mind a lot more with my third pregnancy! I guess I just felt this need to be extra prepared. I learned a lot about hormones after the birth of my second child so I’m really using what I’ve learned to help me this time. Grab my free Postpartum Health Guide. I’ve put together most of my “postpartum kit” and thought I’d share what I’m including.

Most postpartum blog posts I see just tell you to buy Depends and nipple cream but I think us moms deserve more than that. Postpartum health isn’t just about the physical stuff you go through but also your mental health. It also extends past those first couple of weeks. My postpartum kit is designed to support new moms mentally, emotionally, hormonally and physically!

Postpartum Kit Ideas

Placenta encapsulation, tincture, salve – I’ve done raw encapsulation as well as adding raw placenta to smoothies but this time I’m just doing a tincture and a salve. The salve can be used on yourself as well as baby for any skin issues. The tincture never expires and can help with mood.

Water bottle  – Simply Modern is my favourite for at home! On the go I use this glass one since it’s better about not spilling. I’ve been eyeing these for smoothies, iced coffee etc or any time I need to fit a cup holder.

Belly Binder – I ordered a corset type one with my first and hated it! It was SO tight and uncomfortable. With my second baby, I got these and they were nice because there wasn’t a ton of compression but you still felt a bit more held together. I think I’m going to try this one next; it can help with the healing process post-baby.

Milk Moon Herbs Postpartum Tonic – I knew I wanted some sort of herbal supplement to take after labour and decided on this one. It basically has all of the herbs that will help you postpartum. I also grabbed a sample of the No Worries one.

Electrolytes – It’s easy to become dehydrated after birth when you’ve lost a lot of fluid, especially if you are now breastfeeding! I have a few electrolyte packs to try (My Cleo + care/of) but another great option is just coconut water! I usually drink coconut water while in labour too.

Haaka breast pump  – I haven’t used this before but love that it can be used as a pump or while breastfeeding to catch milk! I’ve never had much luck with pumping so this seemed like another option I could try. It’s also very affordable!

Peri bottle – A must have after baby! I always just use the one my midwives give me but the Frida Baby peri bottle looks awesome! You’ll want this for rinsing yourself after peeing especially if you get stitches (I’ve had stitches both times so I kind of expect it to happen it again!).

Reusable nursing pads – I’ve yet to find ones that aren’t a bit visible under a tight shirt with a non padded bra but I still feel like they are a necessity especially at night. I find I leak more at night and waking up with a drenched shirt isn’t fun. I’ll probably grab these ones.

Leak proof underwear  – I’ve used both Thinx and Knix for period care and think they’re a great option for postpartum too. Mine will definitely be too small though so if you are thinking of getting some, consider sizing up for postpartum. I personally think these or these would be nice for postpartum.

Wireless bras – Honestly, I’ve been living in wireless bras all of third trimester haha but I do like them for the first month or so postpartum. I don’t really bother with nursing bras anymore. I have this wireless bra as well as this one and they are great for the price. I may also grab this nursing bra (if my size/colour ever comes back in stock).

Menstrual PadsRael, My Cleo, Honey Pot are the ones I’ve grabbed since they use organic cotton. Honey Pot has these postpartum ones that have herbs added (you can also freeze them which I definitely will for the first few days). I also grabbed some reusable liners from Rael because I find I continue to spot for a while.

CBD oil – I’m not a super regular cbd oil user but I’m going to try this cream and I got this protein powder. I feel they can help with inflammation, pain and mood.

Magnesium (oil or lotion, Epsom salts) – Magnesium is super helping for postpartum recovery! I have this oil and I like to apply it to my legs before bed. It really helps with sleep too! You can also use it on your kids.

Bath herbs (or sitz bath) – I personally never use a sitz bath, I just do shallow water in the bathtub with herbs. I still have an herb mix my midwife gave me but this one looks good too.

Heat pads – I got the heating patches from Rael and My Cleo to use for those postpartum cramps! I had no idea how painful these cramps were until I had my first baby! They’re especially bad when you’re breastfeeding. So I think having a heating pad I can apply will be nice. You could also get something more reusable, of course.

Tea (fennel, red raspberry leaf, nettle, fenugreek) – I have the Mother’s Milk tea and am thinking about getting this Bamboobies one as well. I drink 1-2 cups of tea daily already so I may as well make them ones that really support postpartum health! There’s also this Pink Stork one that can be taken to prep for labour as well as after.

Nipple + belly creams – I’m trying out this Bamboobies one this time for my belly (I used this homemade one while pregnant). For nipple cream I plan on using the placenta salve (can also be used on your baby!).

Essential oils – A lot of essential oils are not safe while breastfeeding so make sure to check. Clary sage is a great postpartum oil. I also love using lavender. Helichrysum is great for pain relief- you can spray it onto your pads postpartum! Fennel and basil are great for supporting breast milk production.

Supplements – Obviously supplement needs are going to vary person to person but I usually continue with a prenatal for quite a while. I also have this My Cleo one to take. I might also try evening primrose oil. Vitex (chasteberry) is a great option for balancing hormones postpartum.

Protein powder – I don’t generally buy protein powders but I do love them postpartum because they are an easy way to get in extra calories and protein! I also tend to do smoothies a lot postpartum (and I’m having a Summer baby so this will be especially true this time!). I have this protein powder which also has CBD in it as well as this one from care/of. This Milk Dust one also looks great!

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