I think self care is on a lot of our minds right now, as we are doing our best to stay home and away from other people. There’s a little more focus on not only ourselves but our mental health- self care is so important for mental health (physical too, of course).

If you’re feeling more anxious or stressed or overwhelmed than usual, that is all the more reason to practice self care!

Self care is any activity we do to in order to take care of our mental, physical, emotional or spiritual well being.

Take care of your skin
Maybe you’re not a skin nerd like me but having a skincare routine and prioritizing can feel SO good. It feels good to make that time for yourself! Besides, your skin is an organ so it deserves looking after just like the rest of your body does. I’ve also been wearing more face masks than usual lately because it feels extra pampering! I love this calming mask, this overnight mask and I’m curious about this peel off mask. I also love a good DIY mask so see what you have in your kitchen!

Stay hydrated
Okay, we all know how important hydration is but since you’re stuck at home…. why not use this time to get into the habit of drinking enough h2O? So often we forget because we’re out of the house but that’s not the case right now! Get a water bottle you enjoy (I love this one at home) and fill ‘er up.

Try new recipes
Are you cooking more these days? Why not try some new recipes? They can be super simple! You could try a new ingredient, maybe your aunt’s recipe or just put a twist on a dish you already love. I highly recommend these vegan crabcakes and this dessert hummus.

Tackle those projects you’ve been putting off
For me, it’s re-organizing our shed and putting some boxes up in the attic. I’m also getting things ready for baby #3! If you need some inspiration, watch Tidying Up on Netflix!

Read a new book (or 10)
I read two fiction books (this and this. Now I’m reading this) in the past couple weeks and started a new non fiction one. Reading is such a great escape- I find more so than tv! I especially like reading in the evenings before bed or outside while my kids play.

Watch a movie with no other distractions
What I mean is, put the phone away. Make a snack, put on a movie, cuddle up and just let yourself chill without thinking about a bunch of other things.

Cuddle someone (human or animal)
This is proven to relieve stress!

Call and FaceTime those you care about
It should be called “physical distancing” not social because we can still be social thanks to phones and the internet! Take this time to actually call people for a change.

Dance parties
Talk about a mood booster! My kids and I have been doing a lot of dancing and singing to keep our spirits up.

Get artistic
You don’t have to be an artist to get creative. I dug up some of my old adult colouring books because it always feels so therapeutic to just zone out while colouring or doodling. You could paint, write, draw… or pick up some modeling clay and make this!

Record videos
This is a pretty defining time for a lot of us and wouldn’t it be neat to be able to look back on it in videos later on? Maybe it’s a video of how quiet the city is for once or of the quality time you’re spending with family.

Connect with nature
I feel like Mother Earth is really calling to us right now. I know not everyone has the option to go out into the woods or sit at the beach right now but even just opening up your window or standing with bare feet on the dirt or soaking up a path of sunshine is so healing both mentally and physically. Try to connect with nature every day.

Make smoothies
Ok technically warm drinks are your bestie for fighting off covid-19 but I think making some smoothies can be a lot of fun and a great way to get in nutrients. Plus, you can use frozen and shelf stable ingredients! Get creative! Try a carrot smoothie or a cauliflower smoothie. I also signed up to get some pre-made smoothies from Revive Superfoods (right now you can get 60% off with code 60OFF).

Have fun with your makeup
Or your hair or your style… The best way to build up confidence in how you look is to start just at home! So wear the crop top or the purple lipstick or the funky hair style now and maybe later on you’ll feel up to wearing it out too! Check out my makeup board on Pinterest for some inspiration!

There are few things as therapeutic as writing. It’s such a release. Write down how your feeling or write about your future self. I pin lots of journal prompts here.

Don’t let meditation intimidate you! It can be quick like 5min or as simple as a breathing exercise. I’ve been using the apps Headspace and Calm lately. Headspace has awesome sleep sounds too (I’ve been sleeping so well with them!).

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