I’ve been trying to come up with more (fun) ways to show you guys my outfits or to create different looks lately. My floor length mirror got wrecked so those easy mirror selfies aren’t really an option right now! Over on IG I’ve started doing some IGTV styling sessions which is so fun! I thought I’d also start a series here on “what I wore last week” where I can showcase what I actually wore for a week (5-7 days)- that way it reminds me to have my tripod set up to take outfit pics during that week!

Another bonus to sharing outfits on my blog vs IG is that I can easily share shopping links. I don’t know about you, but I always want to know where an item is from!

I also just set up a liketoknow.it account! Just download the app (or go to the website) and you can shop people’s outfits, beauty picks, home decor etc It’s honestly one of my favourite ways to discover products! It’s so easy and saves me time overall. 

What I Wore Last Week

Wore this for a sunny warm day at home. Don’t mind Finnley, clearly upset that she didn’t have 100% of my attention in that moment 😛  This whole look is non maternity but is amazing for pregnant moms!

Dress: Kimono: Shoes (similar):

I love a casual look like this! The Mama Notes turned me on to this tee and it is SO GOOD. Again, non maternity but it is very stretchy and has great length to it!  Leggings are Blanqi and are the best for pregnancy and postpartum. 

Top: Jacket: Leggings:  Shoes (similar):

This was a fun look! It felt very Spring-appropriate hehe This was another look I just wore at home and out for a walk.

Overalls: Top (similar): Shoes:


This I wore on a Saturday but we spent the day at home. This dress is so great for those in between seasons like Spring and Fall (non maternity too!). Oh and once again I have Finnley trying to get me to go somewhere with her haha

Dress: Sweater (similar): Shoes: Headband:

A simple look but I love this dress!! It’s non maternity and I did size up but it’s great for pregnancy. It also has functional buttons so nursing friendly. I had black tights on initially and wore this to get my haircut but as the day warmed up, I ditched the tights!

Dress: Shoes (similar):

Can you tell I am loving dresses lately? One of the benefits of warmer weather is being able to just throw on a dress and call it good, especially when pregnant! 

Jacket: Hat: Dress (similar): Shoes (similar):


So what do you think? Do you like this new series??

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