Oh hey, 2020! It’s been a hot minute since I sat down to write a blog post. And I’m kind of cheating today because I’m linking a video from my NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL (woo woo!) hehe along with a few bonus products I wanted to include!

So today I’m sharing my favourite products in wellness and beauty from last year. So many good things!!

What was a favourite product of yours in 2019?

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Products mentioned:
Yeti mug
Milk frother similar
Sunsoil CBD oil Use this link to save 25% off your first order!
NYR Organic Bee Lovely Lips
Mary Ruth’s liquid morning multivitamin
100% Pure Creamy Eyeliner
AE scrunchies
Loopy Cases
Beauty by Earth Organic Sunless Tanner
Om mushroom powder Use this link to save 25% off your first order!
SOL Candle Use this link to save 25% off your first order!
Kalos Mist Congeniality mist/toner
Plant Therapy Lemon Cupcake essential oil
NYR Organic Vetiver essential oil
Pacifica Breath Taking perfume
Billie razor subscription
Target mules
Reebok shoes I’m noticing these say “leather” and mine did not! But they look the same so either mine ARE leather and the website I ordered from was wrong or these are a leather version…
Target fanny pack
Target rainboots

These pajamas (short sleeve version)
This chocolate bar
This vacuum

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