I’m so pumped to share my Summer reading list with you guys!

I’m a bookworm, always have been. As a kid, I’d go through dozens of books a month.. heck, a week! I remember my mom giving me a limit of 12 books at a time at the library which were due back a week later. hehe I’ve just always loved to read! It’s such a wonderful form of escapism.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy tv and movies but I don’t get quite as swept up in them as I do a book. Plus, I often end up multi tasking when I’m watching something and I can’t do that when reading! Reading requires me to focus on one thing at a time and I appreciate that.

I will say, it’s hard to find time to read now that I have kids BUT I know how much I love it so I really do try to prioritize it. Currently, I try to read for at least 20min every night before bed. I’ll also read a bit outside while the kids play or sometimes on a longer car ride with my husband driving. I’ve never gotten into audio books… I feel like I’d get distracted too easily and end up trying to multi-task!

I have a fairly long list of books to read right now which is partially why I created this list; to hold myself accountable. I really want to make sure I read all of these (some I’ve already started) before Summer ends!

Okay, let’s dig into my list! So, some of these I’m almost finished reading but I still wanted to include them in case YOU want to read them! I’ve included both fiction and non fiction because I’m always reading both- like I always have at least one non fiction book going along with a fiction book.


Health at Every Size – I grabbed the newest version of this recently and oh man, it’s such an amazing read. I’m registered with HAES and very familiar with the concept but the book has SO MUCH amazing info. I highly recommend it. It will most likely change the way you look at health, fatness, dieting etc

The Law of Divine Compensation – Okay, so I’ll admit that finding out that Marianne Williamson is running for Prez kinda motivated me to finally purchase one of her books haha I’ve been hearing about her for years and I read a lot of “personal development” books. I decided to go with this money one; felt like it was calling to me.

Hidden Messages in Food – This is the only book on my list that I haven’t purchased yet so I might not read it for a while yet but I did read through my sample and loved that! I think it’ll be a very interesting read and a little different from other “nutrition” type books.

F*ck It Diet – I finished this one and it was AMAZING. I recommend it to everyyyyoooonnnee. Seriously. Read this book. Please. You will never want to diet again.

Thyroid Healing – I’m not, like, a devout follower of Anthony Williams aka Medical Medium but I do own three of his books, this being my latest purchase. ha! I’m looking forward to reading it, mostly because I want to learn more about the thyroid and I know he will have some unique insight. I’d like to read his Liver Support one as well.

Becoming – I bought this a while ago and haven’t gotten around to it yet! I’ve heard great things and I’m a fan of Michelle Obama so I assume I’ll enjoy it! I don’t read biography type books often so I thought I’d mix things up a bit.

The Forgotten Hours – I already finished this one but it was a good Summer read! It’s a bit of a heavy premise but I loved how it went from past to present and had some good twists and turns. I ready it quite quickly so it’s a great read for a long plane ride (or in my case, a long car ride).

Where the Crawdads Sing – Ok, I have heard SO MUCH praise over this book! I’m actually awful at picking fiction books that are outside of my usual dystopian or crime/thriller genres haha So generally a book has to have a lot of buzz around it for me to hear about it and this one definitely did! I actually purchased this in paperback not ebook (I usually go with ebook for fiction and paperback for non fiction) because I figured it’s one I’ll end up lending out. Oh and it takes place in North Carolina which is where I currently live so…

Don’t Even Breathe – I’m a sucker for a good murder case, don’t ask me why. haha This one has really good reviews and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it! Not that murder is a “light” subject but for me, this sort of book is my light reading… Some people like romance, I like crime!

Crushing it! – I had to include a business book! Who doesn’t love Gary V? Like, he and I have such different personalities but the guy is SO GOOD at what he does. I always take so much away from his trainings so I’m sure I’ll find this book very insightful.

When We Were Worthy – I’m currently reading this one and part of me finds it a bit slow but there is a bit of a mystery that has me wanting to read more and overall I am enjoying it! There are lots of characters to follow which makes it interesting. I am finding it’s one of those books that gets better the more you read.

Educated – This is another one that has gotten a lot of buzz! Plus my mom was reading it post-Christmas when I was visiting and talked about it a fair bit so I’d been wanting to read it ever since. Not exactly a light read but I’m expecting it to be one I can’t put down.

The Great Alone – I saw some people raving about this one and thought it sounded like something I’d enjoy. I’m really looking forward to reading this!

I’ll be popping into my Wellness in Style group to share my thoughts on these books through out the next couple of months so if you wanna chat books, come join the group!

Speaking of books… I just became an Usborne consultant! If you don’t know, Usborne is amazing childrens book company! I’ve been buying their books for years now and finally decided I wanted that 25% discount hehe Plus it is only $30 to join right now!! Nothing to lose! My kids and I LOVE Usborne books. Whether you’ve never heard of them or are a diehard fan, I’d love for you to come to my launch party! I’ll be giving away some great prizes!

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