Oooh it has been a hot minute since I did one of these posts!

Please note that this is not a post telling you what to eat, this is just me giving you a look into what I ate on one particular day, okay? So no comparing allowed! You do you, boo.  What I do hope this post will do is, well, a few things…

I want you to be inspired to to eat intuitively.  I want you to know that you do not have to eat at certain times, measure or weigh your food, count calories etc You can eat based on how you feel.

Vegan food is clearly delicious and I love encouraging people to eat more plants! Does it mean you have to give up animal products? Nah, girl! Eat what YOU want.  I just think it never hurts to add in more nutritional plant foods and maybe you’re bored of eating the same veggies all the time!

I want this post to remind you that you shouldn’t be wasting time eating food you don’t enjoy or trying to use food to control your weight.  Food isn’t meant to control our weight- it is meant to nourish us… and be delicious. hehe I rarely eat something I dislike! I want to enjoy my food! Otherwise, wtf is the point of having taste buds?  So yes, I eat a lot of nutrient dense foods but I def. do not sacrifice flavour.

What I eat definitely varies day to day so this is by no means, like, what I eat all the time. This also wasn’t planned out so this is just a random day of food intake.

Okay, on to the food! I probably snacked on some raw nuts at some point and forgot to get a pic. I also often have a smoothie but didn’t on this particular day!

Banana granola with SoDelicious unsweetened coconut yogurt, berries and chia seeds
Smashed chickpea wrap with leafy greens and vegan mayo. I generally make my chickpeas with mayo, dulse flakes, sea salt, black pepper and dijon.
LOVE these beet burgers from this cookbook, these are the veggie fries
Thug Kitchen biscuits (very low in sugar) with strawberries and unsweetened yogurt for a lighter “strawberry shortcake” dessert!

Interested in learning how YOU can eat intuitively? Do you realize you can eat foods that you actually enjoy without worrying about calories or portion control? Do you realize you don’t need to try and control your weight with food? Do you realize you can eat without guilt or shame or fear? Girl, I’m telling you, it is all possible! Learn more.

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