Hot weather is here! Humidity has arrived! At least here in North Carolina it has.  So that means some of my favourite hot weather skin products are now on a steady rotation in my routine again.  From oils that smooth skin to a faux tan to smoother hair… I’ve got it covered.

Listen, your body is always Summer ready. You don’t NEED to change it.  I’m really not about the whole “get bikini ready” thing but when it comes to skincare and your appearance in general, I think using safe products to naturally care for yourself is totally fine.  I mean, if you want to do unsafe things that is your call haha  But my point is, you can be body positive and still want to change how you look.  It’s all about coming from a place of love and putting your well being first.  Changing your hair colour or getting a tan doesn’t mean you don’t love your body.  😉

Keep reading to see the products I love and use!

Beauty by Earth sunless tanning lotion
I’ve been using this stuff for a couple years now and love it. No icky fragrance in it like most sunless tanning lotions have. I also picked up this inexpensive mitt to apply it with so now I never get streaks!

NYR Organic Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist
You can use this as a toner or spray it on any time even over makeup. It’s soo refreshing! Seriously perfect on a hot, humid day… or when traveling!

NYR Organic Detox Toning Oil
I love this stuff! Super natural, just made with a blend of oils but it really helps with cellulite and moisturizing your skin. I love using it on the backs of my legs.  NOT that it’s bad to have cellulite but I don’t mind using something super natural like this that simply supports healthy skin. 🙂

DeVita Solar Protective Moisturizer SPF 30+
My favourite face sunscreen because it just feels like a moisturizer not sunscreen. It isn’t greasy or too thick or weird smelling.

NYR Organic Rosemary + Cedarwood Hair Treatment
While I love this all year long, I think it’s especially great in the Summer especially if you’re swimming in pools since chlorine is so damaging to our hair (and skin).

Juice Beauty SPF Sport Moisturizer
This is my favourite sunscreen and I feel like it’s not super well known! It has a nice smell and great ingredients (no fragrance, oxybenzone etc). It’s zinc oxide based. It does rub in well too!  For my kids I mostly use Goddess Garden and I just ordered this spray to try out.

Sailor Sea Salt Spray
It can be hard to find hair products without fragrance but I love this sea salt spray! It gives my naturally wavy hair some extra texture which I love.

I’m also thinking about ordering this pumice foot scrub  and this foot balm because my goodness, my feet need some TLC. They are soo dry and peeling!

What products do YOU love for the hotter seasons?

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