I love a good non fiction book! I have a whole bookcase dedicated to them on topics ranging from vegan food to holistic health to skincare to parenting to mindset to essential oils!  I’ve always loved to read and it’s one of my favourite ways to gain new knowledge.

Here are five of my favourite books- ones that I find myself recommending to other moms all the time!

  1. WomanCode – An amazing guide to understanding your menstrual cycle and hormones. This book is a pleasure to read (not boring!) and gives you lots of information without feeling overwhelming. There is also the MyFlo app and an entire protocol you can follow.  Read this book and then recommend it to every woman in your life!  Every woman should have a basic understanding of how her feminine body works and what she can do to live in sync with it-  this is what I teach in my Feminine Connection Course!

  2. No Bad Kids – Janet Lansbury is my hero when it comes to parenting. I love her style and have always felt drawn to it. I’ve been practicing positive parenting from the beginning but didn’t get this book until my oldest was 3. I wish I had bought it sooner! The methods are very clear and she provides great examples of different situations throughout the book.  It’s a book you’ll refer back to time and time again!

  3. Get Rich, Lucky Bitch – I read this towards the end of 2018 and loved it. I’ve read a few money mindset type books but this one did stand out. Yes, it can be repetitive at times (most personal help type books are; they really want to drive their point home!) but it’s very clear and I love how she gives you exact action steps to take. Even just reading the book was helpful for me and now I’m making a conscious point to follow her advice- so far so good!
  4. Body Kindness – A big part of what I do as a wellness coach is help women treat their body’s better and that is exactly what this book is all about. Honestly, it is very similar to my positive approach to wellness! It’s written in a fun, eye catching way and has LOTS of action steps to take.  It’s a lot of info so take your time with the book and let yourself actually try things out as you read it.  Perfect book if you struggle at all with body image or have a tricky relationship with food (this is most women!).
  5. You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. This is my favourite personal development book. I’ve read many but this one just really connected with me and it was an easy read (in a good way!). Definitely a great book to get you feeling excited about life! I also love her book You are a Badass at Making Money!

I’m currently reading F*ck it Diet by Caroline Dooner and it is everyyhthiiing. I’m not OFFICIALLY adding it to this list ONLY because I haven’t finished reading it yet… but I had to mention it because it’s a must read for sure. It’s all about breaking free from diet culture which you know is a huge passion of mine and something I help my clients with. Definitely an important book for all women to read.


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What non fiction book do you recommend every mom read?


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