I have a new series I want to introduce you to-  Matcha Mornings.  It’s basically chance for me to share some things I’ve been drinking, eating, wearing, buying, wanting etc This will be a monthly series! And yes, it’s a play off of “coffee chat” like some bloggers do… but since I don’t drink coffee that often I made it about matcha. I’ll share with you what I AM drinking though- all of the delicious coffee alternatives!

Currently Sipping On:

I’ve really been loving the Four Sigmatic matcha powder! Very tasty when I add a little raw honey, hot water and a splash of oat or almond milk (or both which is what I’ve been making lately!). I love using this frother to get nice frothy, hot milk to add!

What I’ve Been Eating: 

We eat pancakes about once a week and sometimes I definitely mix things up and try a new recipe but my ride or die is really basic and never fails me.  You just mix together 1 cup flour, 1 cup mylk, 1 tbsp baking powder, pinch of sea salt and a little vanilla extract. You can also add a tbsp of sugar if you like a sweeter pancake.  So easy!

The kids and I have oatmeals at least a few times a week. I always cook it in water but the other ingredients vary. Here I cooked it with some dates and hemp seeds then topped with homemade almond butter.

We’re back to drinking smoothies daily! This one was carrots, banana, cinnamon, hemp seeds, water, ice, coconut yogurt, almond butter and oats! Big hit.

Buffalo cauliflower is my husband’s favourite vegan “meat” type dish. I’ll be sharing a yummy recipe on the blog soon!

Love me a good tofu scramble! I season with sea salt, black pepper, The Vegg, nutritional yeast and turmeric then add some vegan cheeze (love So Delicious shreds) and veggies. I also made tempeh bacon using liquid smoke and maple syrup!

Cannot get enough of this iced matcha latte lately!! Recipe here.

I made this chickpea omelette (except I forgot the baking powder haha) and it was really good!

I always find that with warmer weather, I find myself craving more salads! One thing I love to do to make the salad more filling is add quinoa.

Chocolate waffles? Um, yes. Always yes. Beckett keeps asking me to make these again- they were so good! I also eat seeds most mornings since I do seed cycling (not sure what that is? Learn about it in FCC)


Wish list:

This skirt set for Finnley, this nursing-friendly jumpsuit, these leopard sandals which you could dress up or down for warmer weather, this neutral outdoor rug (which looks to be sold out! Noooo!), I also love these block heels, this water filtration system (it filters out flouride!), fragrance-free sea salt hair spray, these yellow high waist wide leg cropped pants, silicone food storage bags (so I can finally ditch the ziploc bags I have!).


Recent Purchases I’m Loving:

Short rain boots from Target, cutest fanny pack (actually super handy when you don’t want to bring your whole diaper bag and need your hands free!), this chocolate bar (seriously so good!!), water bottle with straws (also have these smoothie straws which I love and I cut them in half for my kids to use), ethically made tees (I have white and navy!), a pancake dispenser (such a random purchase but it’s great since you can mix everything in there!) and a zero waste coffee maker.


Worth Reading:

Everything that Healthy Skin Glows posts on IG and the F*ck It Diet book.


Recent Outfits:

Shorts (similar), tank (Madewell), cardigan (similar)

shorts (similar), tee (similar), hat (Amazon), cardigan (similar)

bunny hat (Amazon), overalls (Amazon), jacket (Old Navy)

hat (Target), shoes (Target), shorts (Old Navy), top used to be mine when I was a baby!

sweater (similar), shorts (American Eagle), sandals (similar)

shirt (Target), jeans (Target), shoes (similar)

skirt (H&M), shoes (woven version), sweater (Target)

girls windbreaker (Target), girls rain boots (Carters), boy rain jacket (Target), boy shoes (Carters)

sweater (similar), jeans (American Eagle), mules (woven version)

top (H&M), pants (similar)

top (H&M), socks (Amazon), romper (similar), bow (same brand)



Questions I get asked in my DMs!

When does Feminine Connection Course run again?
It runs June 1 – 30!  The cart is now open with early bird pricing! Click here to learn more.

Is your husband back from deployment yet?
Yes!! We’re so happy! It is definitely a big adjustment for everyone though. You always hear how tough deployments are but honestly, transitioning back to being all together is harder in many ways!  A very welcomed adjustment though 🙂 He has a bunch of time off in May so it’ll be so nice to do lots of family things together!

What flavour of Teeccino do you like best?
French Roast is the most coffee-like, so I do love that one! Vanilla Nut is great if you prefer a lighter, slightly sweeter coffee. I also love the chocolate mint, raspberry and orange flavours!

Where do you shop for Finnley?
I always get some things from Old Navy because you cannot beat the prices. I didn’t really love the baby girl stuff at Target (but they always have super cute baby boy stuff) but I am liking some of their newer toddler girl stuff.  A lot of her clothes right now are from H&M- I wait for sales. They run big but fit for a long time.  Her bows are mostly Little Poppy Co.  I usually shop on Etsy for accessories like bows, bonnets etc

What brand of sunscreen do you use?
Goddess Garden is one of my favourites. I usually buy the baby one for the kids. It is a bit of work getting it to rub in but it lasts well.  If we’re out in the sun for a long time and I know I need to add more sunscreen, I will use a spray like Babo Botanicals but not near their face- often I will actually spray it on my hand and apply that way. For myself I really love this Juice Beauty one for my body and for face I love this DeVita one (it isn’t greasy!).


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