Let/s talk about how to care for yourself as a mom. Being a mom means spending the majority of your time taking care of other people. It’s both fulfilling and exhausting.  We give a LOT of ourselves, every single day.  That’s why self care is so important.  That’s why we MUST do things for OURSELVES as well.  I’m not talking about a once a year massage or the odd pedicure either.  We have to do things for ourselves every day!

Today I want to share with you some of the things I do to take care of myself, even as a busy mama.

* Meditating *

I may not find time to do a silent, 30 minute meditation right now but I do a lot of breathing exercises and sometimes a short 5-10 minute guided meditation.  My go to breathing exercise is the 4-7-8 method where you breathe in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 7 and breathe out for a count of 8. It’s a great one if you’re struggling to fall asleep or just need a moment of calm.  Other time I just take three, slow deep breaths… like if my kids are trying my patience and I reeeally don’t want to snap at them.  Meditation is proven to help with anxiety and depression.

* Podcasts + Reading *

I love to read, always have, so it’s something I make a point to do often.  I often just read on my phone (Kindle or Nook) but will often buy non fiction books as paperbacks.  I read both for fun as well as for education! I think both are really important. We should always be learning but books can also be a great way to escape, learn about other cultures or view points etc  Check out my post on 5 books every woman should read. I also love Podcasts! I often just listen to 10min at a time here and there although I do have wireless headphones which are helpful if I’m trying to listen around my kids.  I tend to listen to a lot of wellness or business podcasts. Some favourites include Balanced Blonde, Guava Girl, Angie Lee Show, Lauren Conrad (brand new but loved the first episode), Food Psych, Own It Babe

* Supplements *

I’ve gotten back into taking a probiotic regularly. I also always make sure I’m getting B12 and Vitamin D.  Right now I take Mary Ruth Organics supplements- I love that they are all liquids.  I also love to include adaptogens like maca and ashwaghanda.  I drink teas regularly too because herbs have so many benefits and can support our body’s in many different ways. I also apply magnesium oil to my skin most nights!  These are all a part of my self care routine.

* Skin care *

I see so many women ignoring their skin but I swear by having a solid skincare routine both in the morning and in the evening.  It’s very rare for me to skip either routine and they don’t take long!  I really enjoy my skincare routines so I partially do it for the health of my skin and partially just for enjoyment- it’s nice to dedicate that time to myself.  Not to mention having clearer skin helps with my self confidence.  You can peep my skincare routine on IG but if you are looking for a skincare company you can really trust and products that work, check out NYR Organic.

* Exercise *

Exercise is one of my favourite ways to take care of myself! Yes, some days working out at home gets a bit crazy when my 4 year old is climbing into the fridge and my 17 month old is trying to sit on my head… but I stick with it because I feel so much better when I’m exersizing regularly (even just 20min, 4 days a week).  I find I like to switch up my workouts every month or so and I just see what I’m in the mood for! Right now I’m doing Tone it Up workouts but before that I did 3 months of BBG.  I also love Blogilates and Barre 3!  Eventually I’ll re-join a gym and get that “me time” but right now, working out at home makes sense and I’m so glad I make it happen.

* Walking *

Walking is like a form of meditation to me, even with my kids. There’s nothing like a good walk and some fresh air to help improve my mood and clear my mind!  My kids and I go for a walk most days, even if it’s just 5min to the playground. Walking is scientifically proven to lighten your mood!

* Body love *

Body love doesn’t mean you have to love EVERY PART of your body, it just means loving it as a whole.  It’s not letting those parts you dislike ruin your entire relationship with your body.  Some ways I practice body love are…  not caring about what size clothes I wear, rarely stepping on a scale, complimenting my body both on appearance and ABILITY, wearing clothes I love, not blaming my body when I don’t like how something looks on me, wearing clothes that fit, not comparing my body to anyone else’s…   My wellness coaching helps mamas learn how to treat their bodys with love.

What are some things you do daily, to care for yourself?

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