Chances are you’ve heard of drinking celery juice by now; it’s the latest health trend that is all over social media! It was started by Medical Medium aka Anthony William! I bought his first book years ago and while I remain a little skeptical, I do think he has a lot of really great health advice (if you don’t know who he is, he says he has a spirit guide who guides him to heal/share health info which I KNOW sounds super out there hahah but check him out because he really has a lot of sound advice and new science is proving a lot of his theories correct!!). I actually first heard about celery juice a couple years ago and did try it once last Summer and thought YUCK and didn’t try it again ha! But all Winter I kept hearing about people’s amazing results so I thought I’d give it another shot. I wanted to see if I really felt/noticed a difference so I told myself I’d stick with it for at least 5 days (which is really not very long, I know) even if it tasted gross.  😛

You can read about the benefits on drinking celery juice here but some are reducing inflammation (which is at the core of every ailment), restoring hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach for better long-term digestion, reducing bloating, fighting the bacteria streptococcus in the liver and lymphatic system which helps clear up acne and supporting your liver.

If you’re wondering about the “scientific proof”, well, keep wondering! haha William really doesn’t go off of science… He is listening to his guide, Spirit. He says that celery contains “cluster salts” and that is where a lot of the health benefits are coming from.  Celery has not been studied scientifically a whole lot so maybe with time, scientists will discover these cluster salts?  There’s definitely a lot of anecdotal research to back up William’s claims but I say, choose for yourself.  Try it and see how you feel or don’t and move on with your life. haha  You don’t HAVE to drink celery juice in order to be healthy but if you do and it helps you, awesome!

Scientifically speaking, “celery is a good source of potassium, vitamin K, and flavonoids—compounds that have been shown in studies to help keep electrolyte balance, function as antioxidants, and can help lower blood pressure and inflammation” (source). It’s also very high in WATER which of course is super good for your health.

I’m all for intuitive eating and that means not feeling the need to jump on health trends but instead choosing what feels right to YOU, so do keep that in mind. If you have zero interest in celery juice that is A-OKAY! 😀

FYI, William says to drink 16oz of pure celery juice (no pulp, ice etc) on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before breakfast.

My Experience:

The main reason I decided to try celery juice again (you know, more than just 1 glass) was because I’d heard it could help with bloating. I’d been having uncomfortable bloating/digestion issues off an on for about 6 months and nothing I was doing seemed to really help!  Also, with the return of my period postpartum I was dealing with some acne and thought celery juice might help with that. Beyond that, I was open to any results and curious what would happen!

-> My juicer is in need of a replacement part that I have been putting off buying so I decided to use my Vitamix and then strain through a nut milk bag.  It works but not as effectively- you won’t get as much juice or as many of the nutrients this way.

-> I also chose to juice half a bunch of celery (generally 16oz is a full bunch) because the place I was getting celery from was charging $3.50 per bunch!  Yikes.

-> I also did not ALWAYS wait 30 minutes to have breakfast because I get up with my kids and make them food right away. I didn’t want to make a second breakfast.

First glass of celery juice I drank, I expected to find it gross and salty like before but I didn’t really! It was mildly salty but not too bad. By day 3, it no longer even tasted salty to me. By day 5, I LOVED it. After a week, I was hooked and looked forward to drinking my celery juice each morning and missed it on the odd days where I didn’t have it. I actually ran out of celery and haven’t had my juice in over a week right now and I CANNOT WAIT to get back drinking it again!

That all said, did I experience any changes from consuming 8-10oz of celery juice daily (I missed a day here and there) for a month?
  • My painful bloating disappeared. I kid you not.  Within 2 weeks, I was not experiencing any bloating or digestion issues and I have not since!
  • I only got one hormonal pimple during my period instead of my usual three. This was during a time where I did not change my skin care routine at all, I only made dietary changes.  That said, it takes 2-3 months to really see changes in your skin so it feels too early to really say.  I feel like it is helping though.
  • ENERGY. You guys, I underestimated what an energy boost celery juice would give me!  I especially noticed it with my workouts. I honestly got through my workouts so much easier on mornings where I had celery juice. I also felt like working out much earlier on these days!  I talked to a friend who said she has been experiencing the same thing!
  • I’d been struggling to fall asleep quickly all Winter. It was something I used to struggle with many years ago but had pretty much over come (or you know kids exhausted me enough that I fell asleep quickly haha)… but for whatever reason I’d begun tossing and turning again. Well, sure enough once I was drinking celery juice I started falling asleep quickly again!  My friend’s husband started sleeping through the night (he had insomnia) when he started drinking celery juice!
  • Mental clarity. I noticed I felt very focused and just, clear. I wasn’t getting distracted or losing interest on the task at hand as easily as usual. I got a lot more work done and felt more on top of things (like laundry) because I was feeling so focused!

Those were the biggest differences I noticed.  Crazy right?  I mean, I went into this pretty open minded but honestly was surprised with how big of a difference I noticed… and quickly! And I was only drinking 8oz of celery juice!  I’m not stranger to different supplements, superfoods etc and this really gave me more noticeable results than most things I’ve tried (adaptogens are up there too).

Safe to say I’m on the celery juice bandwagon until further notice.


Have you tried drinking celery juice?


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