Month: January 2019

What is it?

Basically it’s a facial roller made using stones, usually jade although you can get other stones like rose quartz. Generally, jade rollers have two ends: one containing a larger sized stone (intended for the forehead, cheeks, jawline, and neck) and one containing a smaller stone (for the under eyes.). They are used to massage the skin and date back to 17th century China. They may be on trend right now but they aren’t a new invention!

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CBD oil seems to be all the rage lately. You’ve probably seen some people posting about it on FB, maybe even selling it. Maybe you have a friend who is taking it to help with anxiety.  But maybe you’re not totally sure what it is… okay you know isn’t not the same as pot but what exactly is the difference??  Well, I was in the same position as you!  I’m no expert on CBD, in fact I’ve never taken it it any form….

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For the past 3 or 4 years I’ve been choosing a word for the new year and I love it because it’s easy to remember and keeps me focused on all year. It’s also neat to see what focusing on that word brings into my life!

This year my word is COMMITMENT.

I thought about what I wanted to accomplish and focus on in 2019 and honestly it wasn’t that I wanted to make any huge changes,

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