I think with wellness being almost “trendy” these days, there’s a lot of focus on things like superfoods and crystals and such to the point where for someone who is just trying to be a little healthier it can feel overwhelming.  With my clients, I like to meet them where they are and build up from there.  Start small because small is do-able, small isn’t overwhelming. If you keep trying to take gigantic leaps, you’re eventually going to wear yourself out!

Today’s post is all about things you can add in to improve your health but they aren’t all things I’d necessarily recommend adding in right away. Think of them as steps or goals or heck, just things to try when you feel ready.  These aren’t things that are going to necessarily make your break your health.  Like, you could do none of these and still be healthy in your own way.  However, they are all things I include in my healthy lifestyle and really enjoy.  I think of them as “up leveling” because it’s NOT level 1…  it’s not for the person currently sitting on the couch for hours eating pizza who has never heard of kale.  These things are more for the person who has already started making changes to their health and is looking for other things to try!

Let’s get to it!

10 Ways to Up Level Your Wellness

  1. MushroomsMedicinal mushrooms like chaga and reishi are definitely getting a lot more attention these days and rightfully so! These shrooms (generally ones that come from trees) are PACKED with nutrients and adaptogens. What are adaptogens? Basically they help the body better respond to natural stresses whether it’s mental stress or physical (like from the environment and toxic products). Basically, we can ALL benefit from adaptogens!  They are a great support system for our body’s. My favourite way to enjoy these mushrooms is in powder form that I can add to coffee, hot chocolate, tea etc . I have this one.  There’s also the brand Four Sigmatic which makes mushroom coffee, mushroom matcha etc  I really love when I can have a supplement with food rather than in just a pill.
  2. Matcha – I know we live in a coffee-obsessed society but if you want energy, matcha really is a better choice! I am back to enjoying matcha lattes a few mornings a week. They give you a little caffeine boost but without the crash thanks to calming L-Theanine. Plus they’re full of antioxidants. Honestly, my body just feels better after matcha than it does coffee and I respect that.  This is the matcha I’ve been buying and I like to add water, almond milk, raw honey or maple syrup and maca or moringa powder to it! Matcha also helps burn fat storage, boost brain activity and remove heavy metals from the body. If you’re doing a matcha latte, you can add things like raw honey which is the most nutritious sweetener or MCT oil or maca powder (extra good for energy and for fertility!)
  3. Wild Blueberry Smoothie – Wild blueberries are an amazing food to add into your diet! Because they withstand such harsh climates in nature, they in turn help you body fight against disease, toxins and stress! We are what we eat, right?  Wild blueberries are great for our brains and our liver- they’re great at removing heavy metals from the body. Check the frozen aisle of your grocery store to see if they have wild blueberries!  I like adding mine to a smoothie along with orange juice, dulse flakes, Amazing Grass Detox + Digest powder and banana (similar to this smoothie recipe).
  4. Celery – Another amazing food to add in and probably one we don’t often think of! The best way to have it is as fresh juice but if you can’t handle the taste (I find it too salty), you can add it to smoothies or juice it with lemon/cucumber/apples.  It’s wonderful for combating inflammation (something most of us deal with). Celery contains mineral salts which help fight against viruses and pathogens (even chronic illness). I’ve been reading so many incredible things from people who have been drinking celery juice each morning, like improved eye sight!
  5. Journaling – I vowed to get back into journaling this year and while it may have taken me 5 months, I finally did it! haha My best time to journal is first thing in the morning after I eat breakfast.  I love that there are no rules to journaling; I can write down whatever I want! Some days I write down quotes, some days is brain storming for my business or some days it’s intentions or a to do list.  But it feels really good to get my thoughts down on paper and it definitely helps me lessen the amount of stress I’m dealing with. I feel like it’s a form of meditation since it helps clear my mind! If you’re looking for a journal with prompts, check out this one or this one.
  6. Online Workouts – Obviously we all know exercise is important but I think many of us make the excuse of not having the time or access to a gym.  However, there are SO many online workouts you can do that don’t require any equipment and take less than 30min! With two kids, I’m all about getting it done quick and effectively! I wait until my baby goes down for her first nap around 9am and then I work out in my living room while my toddler plays (or sometimes watches a tv show).  Lately, my focus has been on consistency and wanting to feel more flexible. After having Finnley, my whole body felt so tense! It has honestly taken a good 5 months to finally feel more like myself again (not so sore and stiff!). For the most part, my work outs aren’t anything super hard or intense but they do help me stretch my muscles and joints, work on balance, engage my core etc My body may not look drastically different but it FEELS different and that is what I have been aiming for! Remember that exercise is just as much about the INSIDE of your body as it is the outside (actually, more).  I’ve been trying to work out 4-5 days a week because I just feel so much better when I’m doing it consistently like that (especially since I’m doing shorter, less intense workouts right now).
  7. Meditation – This is another one I promised myself I’d get into this year and haven’t been the best about. It’s still a work in progress. It’s just a matter of making it a priority, like anything else.  The best time for me is around 8:30pm when both kids are asleep. I recently downloaded the Calm app and am trying to make a point of doing no TV until 9pm so that between 8-9 I can tidy up, read and meditate.  I believe meditation is just as important as nutrition and exercise for our overall health! It is proven to make you happier, reduce stress, slow aging, improve your immune system and so much more. I’ve really been working on being more present in the moment and I feel meditation really ties into that.  It’s so easy for me to reach for my phone and start scrolling websites or Instagram but I’m trying to resist that and be ok with being more STILL and not feeling that need to multi task- especially when I’m with my kids! Check out the apps Headspace or Calm for guided meditations.
  8. Maca – I’ve been taking maca powder for years to help with energy! It can also help with libido and fertility (for men too!). I add it to smoothies or matcha lattes mostly!  It’s also high in vitamin C, copper and iron.
  9. Tooth Care – Or just a more natural tooth paste, I guess. I like flouride free and recently decided to also switch to one that is glycerin free. I’m using Uncle Harry’s. I also use their mouthwash and remineralization serum. I will warn you, they are VERY strong tasting haha Salty and minty! But I really feel like they work well and you do get used to the taste.  I think oral health is an area where a lot of people become complacent but if you’re looking to mix things up try a new toothpaste, brushing with charcoal powder a few times a week or oil pulling!
  10. Podcasts – I love that I can put a podcast on in the background when playing with kids or making dinner. Okay, sometimes it’s a little hard to hear with my kids around but still! There are so many great podcasts out there. When I want to laugh I listen to Armchair Expert. If I want to be inspired I listen to Oprah. I love parenting podcasts like Little Sprig and Unruffled and wellness ones like The Balanced Blonde. My husband and I also LOVE Joe Rogan! Podcasts, like reading, can be a great way to expand your knowledge and world views or find some peace which is totally a part of wellness!

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