Month: June 2018

Lisette High Waist Leggings

Even though I have mainly worked out at the home the past 4 years, I still like to have workout clothes that I feel really good in! I want stuff that fits, is comfortable and that I could wear out of the house.  With the whole athleisure trend, I love when I can wear my workout clothes not just to workout but also to grab lunch or run errands!

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Have you heard of Thrive Market?  It’s my go to store since moving to North Carolina.  There aren’t too many health foods stores in the area but I can get a lot of great stuff at Thrive Market (and at a low price).

It’s a membership site sort of like Costco or Amazon Prime. You pay $60ish a year to have access to it but the products are all sold at a discounted price! 

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