Let’s talk about skin because, you guys, I feel like we moved to NC and suddenly it was Spring! Some days it even feels like Summer! Aaand I quickly realized my skin wasn’t feeling totally ready to be on display! haha My feet and legs can get a little neglected during Winter, you know?

I quickly got into a routine of exfoliating and moisturizing! It makes all the difference. It also helps your tanning lotion go on smoother (I use this one)!

Of course inner wellness is always important too. Stay hydrated, eat your greens and healthy omega-3 fats and make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin C!  Biotin, collagen, zinc and copper will keep your skin looking fresh and glowy!

Seaweed Salt Scrub
Pumice Foot Scrub
Frankincense Intense Beauty Boost
Pumice Stone
Comfrey & Mallow Foot Balm
Firming Body Cream

Join me here April 30th for my Summer Body Beautiful webinar!

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