Today is the cut off for most online deliveries to arrive by Christmas! And then the stores will be extra chaotic. haha I’m basically done shopping, just need a few groceries so I can make some things.  I really love giving gifts (it’s one of my love languages!) so I enjoy the whole Christmas shopping process. In fact, I kind of go through withdrawals when I’m done! Like, wait, I have to shop less now? 😛

This year, shopping for my son who is 2 1/2 was really fun. He doesn’t really understand Christmas but he of course enjoys presents! He’s into so many things now that he’s almost too easy to shop for! So I decided to do a “5 things” rule. A present for playing, learning, reading, watching and wearing! He also gets some fun stocking gifts and a bigger present from Santa. It’s still a lot of gifts but did help me keep it under control and not buy every toy I knew he’d love (especially tempting with all of the deals this time of the year!).

Finnley will only be a few weeks old so I opted for no presents but am putting a few things in her stocking.  I’m doing this to include her and show my son that she gets presents too. I figure he can open it for her!


Here’s exactly what I bought for each kiddo (in case you’re still shopping and need ideas!)…

Beckett (age 2 1/2):
Little Tikes Trampoline: Santa gift! I’m hoping it’ll be a good way for him to burn off some energy especially with it being Winter and my hands often being full of newborn. I snagged this at Target for just $30!
Picasso Magnetic Tiles: Something to learn from. This was a Groupon find!  I like that we can always buy more sets. He has played with some of these before so I know he likes them. It’s a good step up from his Mega Blocks and he can practice his colours.
Curious George 2 Movie: Something to watch.  Beckett has watched Curious George 1 and 3 more than any other movies! He calls them “monkey show”.  Number 2 isn’t on Netflix so he hasn’t seen it!
Paw Patrol Cape: Something to wear. I tend to avoid character/tv/movie toys but I made some exceptions for Christmas. B loves Paw Patrol! He also loves playing with blankets and scarves so I think a cape will be right up his alley!
GreenToys Car carrier: Something to play with. B plays with this toy at our fav restaurant so I know he likes it. Heck, he likes any sort of vehicle toy! I love that this brand uses safer materials and the toys don’t make noise.
Blue Whale Blues Book: Something to read. I love Usbourne books! This one is about emotions which I think B is at a great age for.

Wood spinning tops: B will love these! Great to keep in my bag for restaurant entertainment 😉
Wooden Matching Game: This came free with my other Bannor Toys purchases but its so cute! B hasn’t played matching games with pictures before.
Paw Patrol Stuffed Animal: I couldn’t resist getting him one other Paw Patrol gift. He loves stuffed animals!
Wipe Clean Alphabet Cards: He’s still young for these but its another good one to keep in my bag when we’re out and he needs to be entertained. Mess-free!
Mini Cat Calendar: B is obsessed with cats!! We can’t get one right now so this will have to do. My inlaws had a cat calendar at their house and he loved it!

Finnley (newborn):
Classic Baby Rattle: Such a cute rattle! I prefer wood over plastic.
Personalized Name Blocks: I bought Beckett a set of these for his first Christmas so I just had to get Finn some too!
Blanket Stuffed Animal: Admittedly, I just added this to my H&M cart to qualify for a coupon haha but it is cute!
Baby Rattle Book: Ok this rattle is plastic but I love the soft book!
Bow Headbands: I bought a whole bunch on Black Friday! Hoping they will fit. Currently only her Baby Bling headbands fit her small head haha

What are your kids getting for Christmas this year?

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