Month: June 2017

I turn 30 on July 11! The big 3-0!

Honestly, I’m excited about it.  For the most part I’m really happy with where I am in my life, at this age.  I feel comfortable going into my 30’s and that’s a good feeling.

I always make a wish list for my birthday. Not because I expect gifts but because I like lists. haha This year’s kinda made me chuckle because it’s so grown up. 

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In case you’re not familiar with Pacifica, it’s a natural, vegan, cruelty free beauty brand that is very affordable! You can find it online at places like VitaCost, Target and Ulta as well as in some grocery stores.

They carry a lot of products from makeup to skincare to now sun care!  I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites below (although I’ve seen bought this lip balm and LOVE it so it should really be included too).

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Why I love chia seeds…

HIGH in nutrients, LOW in calories… making them quite the superfood! They are also great for weight loss. Get in the nutrients without “worrying” that you’re eating too many calories.

High in fiber. 1oz contains 10g of fiber! Did you know that eating at least 25g (the recommended daily amount) can help boost your metabolism by 30%!?  Fiber is also important because it helps regulate blood sugar levels and keeps inflammation at bay- two VERY important things for your health!

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