Hey mama

It's time to put yourself at the TOP of your priority list, okay?

I'm going to help you create that healthy life style you've been day dreaming about.

I want you to feel inspired in the kitchen, beautiful when you look in the mirror and confident when you feed your family.

It's your turn to feel amazing.

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I know you're tired of looking at a closet full of clothes that don't fit you properly.

I know you want to feed your children the best foods but it seems like so much work.

I know you want to be working out but your schedule already feels so full.

I know you want to make more time for YOU but somehow everyone else always seems to come first.

I know you want to eat more plants, have more energy and love your body

...but where do you even start?


Right here.


Where you are, right now, in this moment... you CAN start. You don't have to wait for a sign or more money or more time- in fact, I think it's time you STOPPED waiting and started doing. Life isn't going to wait for you. You have to decide what you want and go after it!


I'm here to help simplify the healthy lifestyle in a way that works for YOU and YOUR life. We will work together so that you feel CONFIDENT with the foods you choose, the body you have and the life you're living. You're going to make yourself a priority, starting right now.


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Is your self worth attached to your weight?

I spent a good chunk of my life thinking that weight loss was the answer to any problem I had. I truly believed that if I lost weight (no matter how I did it!) that I'd like myself more... and that others would like me more too!

So... I eventually lost a bunch of weight, over 50lbs, and guess what? Nothing really changed. I mean, yeah it gave me some confidence and I was proud of myself but along with that came an obsession with calories and I continued to feel like it was never enough! I still didn't like what I saw in the mirror. I still compared my body to other people's. I was just as focused on my weight as ever before!

That was when I knew I had to do something different. I needed to shift away from focusing on weight and instead focus on simply loving myself more. I thought, if I truly loved myself how would I treat me? I wouldn't count calories, I'd just try to eat lots of nutrient dense food that I enjoyed! I wouldn't workout because I needed to "change" my body but because I could and because it was good for me! You guys, this shift was HUGE. It completely changed the way I looked at food, my body... just health in general!

This self love journey led to easier sustainable weight loss, a positive relationship with food and my body, no longer treating exercise as a punishment... This newfound confidence I have isn't based on how many pounds I lost but on how AMAZING I feel and what good care I take of myself!

It is 100% possible to love yourself WHILE losing weight or changing your body in some way. You don't have to wait. Loving yourself is not a prize for reaching a goal, it is something you have to intentionally work on every day!


A fellow vegan Mama who knows a great recipe for almost anything plant based.  We connected online and felt like friends even before we met in person.  Sophie is warm, approachable, and knowledgeable.  Her confidence and love for her own body had me immediately wanting to know more so I could apply and practice it in my own life.  So grateful to know and work with her. - Shannon Q.

Sophie Strout has as a smile that will light up a room. Her eyes show her passion for life and helping others. When you visit with her, you can tell how incredibly genuine and honest her heart is. - Sheri W.


You deserve to live a healthy, balanced, confident life; a life where you are not constantly at the bottom of your to do list, you feel prepared in any food situation and you no longer pick yourself apart in the mirror.

As a successful wellness coach I work with moms who are sick of feeling overwhelmed and confused by all of the health trends and want to know what is going to work for THEM so that they can not only feel better but also raise their kids to be healthy and happy as well.

By working with me privately or joining my program,  I’ll help you discover what foods are best for you and how to enjoy them, find exercise that doesn't feel like a chore, break up with the scale and obsessive calorie counting and feel confident in the health choices you make every day.

If you're ready to change I'm ready to support, motivate and guide you!